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High 'Jinksy' at Home

The Residents at Rusthall Lodge were delighted with a visit from Mr Jinks today - a poet and manipulator of words in the style of Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Spike Milligan.

A poet for over 20 years David Jink’s long awaited book A Slice of Eggpie Lane – Poems of a delicate essence and delight contains weird and wonderful creatures, fantastical adventures and some poems will simply enchant with their magical language.

The residents were enthralled by Jinksy's interactive and theatrical delivery which took place during one of their regular poetry reading sessions. The sessions encourage residents to read their favourite poems, listen to others read and discuss the themes that may lie behind the written word.

The sessions are a wonderful cognitive stimulus for the residents who come from all walks of life.

David lives in Kent and the Eggpie Lane in the title of the book and the subject of several of the poems is a real place near Sevenoaks. Once you have read David’s poems filled with creatures, dark woods and mirrored cities, you might regard Sevenoaks quite differently.

The residents and staff were also thrilled to be given a signed copy of a map that appears in Jinksy's book showing Eggpie Lane; something to be framed, put on display in a communal area and cherished.

Come and see us again soon Jinksy!

Written on 18th May 2017

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