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Elsie's Day

Dignity and Respect play a large part in every day life at Rusthall Lodge Care Home. We are working hard to ensure every member of staff in every department is a Dignity Champion; no small chakllenge but one we believe we can achieve!

Our Dignity Champion Lead and Nursing Manager Sarah Pierce recently put pen to paper with the following results:


My eyes open wide, I look at the time.

A carer pops in to ask if I’m fine?

I look at my clock, it’s just gone eight.

“Are you ready for breakfast?” Mm that sounds great.


A carer comes in with a friendly smile.

I’m helped, washed and dressed in my favourite style.

The carers take time and know my own pace,

my jewellery my make-up are now all in place.


Off to the Bingo I do enjoy that;

to sit with my friends and have a good chat.

A spot of lunch now, it all looks so good;

 soup, then some pie and a delicious pud.


Back to my room, been busy all day.

A carer comes with me to check I’m OK.

I sit in my chair and look round at my room;

pictures of loved ones and me with my groom.


After my supper (another good meal),

the TV goes on for 'Deal or No Deal'.

Seeing the people and watching their faces,

 the news tells me what’s happening in far away places.


It’s now time to settle; ready for bed.

New thoughts of my day come and enter my head.

I am happy, looked after and treated as 'me'.

I’m Elsie, a lady with Dignity.

Written on 3rd November 2017

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