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Young and old

When you work or live in a care home, very often there are golden nugget moments that go unnoticed; they happen when there isn’t a camera around or they happen privately and away from public view.

However, today at Rusthall Lodge, we captured a wonderful golden nugget moment that we wanted to share and ‘yes’, we do have consent!

A carer who is currently on maternity leave brought in her new born son and took him to visit staff and several of the residents she’s cared for. One of these was Norman S. Not only did the sight of Helen (the carer) bring a smile to Norman’s face, but he could not resist having a cuddle with her son.

This reminded us of the importance of ‘family’ in all its forms. Whilst still maintaining professionalism, some care home staff can become extended members of a resident’s family which means they enjoy the high and lows of the residents lives while they are in their care. As a ‘family’ or ‘community’, the residents are at the heart of everything the staff do at Rusthall Lodge which is why Helen hasn’t been the first carer to bring their new baby son or daughter in for residents and staff to fuss over.

The arrival today was also a clear example of how children can bring so much joy and well-being to residents in a care setting. Rusthall Lodge Care home has developed strong links with the local Manor Road Pre School and St Paul’s CE Primary School.

Facilities and Marketing Manager, Bill Blackford said ‘You can see that when children visit, there are no barriers; they don’t look at the residents and see them as old. There just seems to be a natural affinity between the young and our residents. It’s wonderful to see.’

Rusthall Lodge isn’t the only nursing home to welcome children as there are many care homes up and down the country organising intergenerational craft days, reading clubs, lunch days and singing sessions.

So, if you go into a care home or you visit Rusthall Lodge and a chorus of nursery rhymes greets you and it isn’t what you expect, it could be that the children are leading the way!

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Written on 8th March 2019

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