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Walking in Their Shoes! Part 3!

Amanda Clark. HR Manager.

Last month, I had the great pleasure of working in the kitchen of Rusthall Lodge.  I started my “shift” by stating quite clearly that I can neither cook nor bake!

I arrived at 8am and before anything could happen I was given an apron and a very fetching black kitchen cap.  Our Chef, Rachelle then talked me through a few kitchen health an safety, food hygiene and COSHH rules. Once completed, I was allowed into the Kitchen. Rachelle announced very positively that my first task was to make the resident’s dessert which was upside down pineapple cake.  I was given my own work surface, shown where everything was and told the instructions and the recipe (which had to be repeated a few times during the task). The result was actually 57 well-received individual desserts for our residents. The only negative was that I had to then wash up everything I had used!

Next I helped our Cook, Alice prepare the salads. I worked beside Alice and was slightly embarrassed by how much quicker she was at chopping than I was, but it was all done in time.

My next duty was to make the meringue for pavlovas the following day. I tried to hide mild panic as I have never before managed to make a successful meringue, however under the expert tutoring of our Chef I made 3 very large and very pink meringues.  I have since been told that they were indeed edible.

I helped the Chef and the Cook prepare the hot options for our residents’ lunches and it became very obvious that I would need to go to a gym if I ever intended to work in a kitchen full time. We (the Chef) cooked Spanish Lamb and Mushroom Stroganoff. It all smelled wonderful.

Finally it was lunch time, for our residents not me, and I was allowed to help plate up.  Our Chef knew each resident’s preferences and food requirements and things moved very smoothly.

I finished by making milkshakes for the residents and it took me back to  when my children were young.

I finished my shift at 1pm, a much shorter shift than most of our employees for which I was very grateful.  I was exhausted, but happy.  I had managed to get through it without burning, dropping or breaking anything.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in our kitchen and really appreciated the chance to see behind the scenes.  I thank our Chef and her staff for their patience and understanding. I have offered to help out whenever they want, but strangely they haven’t taken up my offer.

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Written on 13th June 2019

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