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Walking in Their Shoes! Part 2

Following on from our first managerial posting highlighting the few hours Operations Manager Bill Blackford spent in the laundry at Rusthall Lodge, this week, Registered Manager and Director of Care Hilary Taylor got her hands dirty when she joined the maintenance team. For all of you familiar with the day-to-day running of a care home, there is no one department more important than the rest; they all have to run together.

At Rusthall Lodge we are very lucky to have two maintenance officers who deal with the planned and reactive jobs that arise. Their responsibilities include general maintenance, painting and decorating, repairing fixtures and fittings and carrying out health and safety inspections; all of which are carefully recorded and evidenced, ensuring the Home is safe for the residents and families alike.

On this occasion, there was some wallpapering to finish and a radiator cover needed fixing following a collision with a motorisd wheelchair. Hilary had already ear-marked 'maintenance' as the department she wanted to work in as part of our 'Walking in Their Shoes' initiative so after a safety walk round the Home with Maintenance Officer Vince Cox, it was up with the pasting table, out with the paper and scissors and time to hang that first length of paper!

Undaunted by the task ahead of her, Hilary got stuck in (almost literally with a liberal dollop of paste) and together they not only finished the papering but managed to ensure it sat neatly around an electrical socket and a light switch. Perfect job!

Asked whether she'd enjoyed her few hours, Hilary commented that Vince had "made it a very happy morning with all his support and advice". "It's all about teamwork" they agreed.


Teamwork in a healthcare setting is vitally important to every resident; to their treatment, care and safety. The better the members of a healthcare team are able to work together, the better they are able to provide the best quality care possible.


Here at Rusthall Lodge, everyone wants what's best for the residents so when we're working towards the same goal together, we know we're more likely to do all we can to achieve it.


In any sport where there's a team involved, there is constant communication. The plays that succeed the most are those where everyone knows where they should be and what they should be doing. Healthcare is no different because it uses or should use the same form of constant communication. We want to give our residents the best care we can which is why we make certain everyone has the information they need to do just that. 


When you're part of a team, you support each other by sharing your knowledge about someone or something that hopefully benefits the person in your care. Working in a healthcare environment isn't about self-promotion, it's about acting and reacting with somebody else in mind. As we say at Rusthall Lodge, 'care' isn't something that can be taught. You can be in receipt of the knowledge and tools but 'caring' is in the heart and here at Rusthall Lodge we are very proud of the care staff we have, those who have been with us in the past and those yet to join us.

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Written on 10th May 2019

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