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Spreading the word about Disabled Access Day

Do you know anybody with a disability? If so, you might also know how difficult it can sometimes be to plan and organise going out and finding new places to enjoy. That’s why we’re helping to spread the word about Disabled Access Day, so that more people with disabilities can enjoy new experiences without having to feel anxious about it. 

Disabled Access Day falls upon 16th March 2019 and we want to help spread the word about it so more elderly people with disabilities can get out and about without having to worry.

What is Disabled Access Day?

Disabled Access Day started when the founder of the movement, powerchair user Paul Ralph, didn’t know if he would be able to use the disabled access buses in his home city of Edinburgh. He attended an open day at the bus depot and was invited to try out the wheelchair access. To his delight there was no problem for him and he now can navigate Edinburgh knowing that he can comfortably get on and off the local bus services in his powerchair.

This experience made Paul realise that there are so many barriers facing people with disabilities that many people are put off from trying new things. Disabled Access Day is a day for focussing on creating opportunities for disabled people to try new things without feeling alienated or anxious.

How to get involved

The focus of Disabled Access Day 2019 will be for people with disabilities to get out and try new things and then leave reviews of their experiences on Euan’s Guide (a disabled access reviews website) for other people who may have disabilities. This will give other people the confidence to try out different venues and experiences for themselves, without having to deal with the stress or anxiety of knowing whether they will be able to access the facilities or not.

At Rusthall Lodge Care Home, many of our care home residents require disabled access, their needs being met by our custom-built, modern facilities, with wide corridors, accessible bathrooms and lifts.  With so many residents of differing needs, we felt it’s only right that we do what we can to spread the word.  We encourage anybody – whether you have a disability or not – to get out and take part in a Disabled Access Day event, or to go out and explore venues and attractions in Tunbridge Wells, Langton Green and Rusthall, especially places without existing reviews on Euan’s Guide so that more people with disabilities can get out and enjoy experiences without having to worry!

We want to help people with disabilities live an easier life – that’s why we’re doing our bit to spread the word about Disabled Access Day.

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Written on 28th February 2019

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