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For many providers, whether they are GP surgeries, dental practices or care homes, reaching an ‘outstanding’ rating with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can seem like a very daunting task. For many, it’s an ambition central to how they operate.

Achieving ‘outstanding’ is meant to be difficult of course, with only 2% of inspected social care services achieving the rating in 2018, a statistic that has remained largely static since 2014. But what many providers forget is that you only need to be ‘outstanding’ in two Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) to receive an overall ‘outstanding’ rating. More about those later.

Here at Rusthall Lodge, we want to make a difference to people’s lives every day and we all try and do that in our own separate ways, from the top down; we want to meet (and exceed) regulatory requirements.

Recently, we purchased some rear-view mirrors for a resident’s wheelchair; fixed on by one of the maintenance team. I’m sure we’ve all been in the position of walking up behind a resident and saying ‘hello’ before they can see who it is talking to them. We shouldn’t do it, but we do. Now, he can see who’s there.

Plus, it gives him a better view of what’s behind him when reversing.

There are three main types of inspection; Comprehensive which is a holistic inspection usually carried out where there is a risk of a deterioration in quality or an upturn in quality that may affect a rating; Focused which is a more structured, narrow inspection carried out in response to a complaint or to follow up on specific findings from a previous inspection and a combined inspection where the organisation provides services that span different areas of health and social care, for example, “mental health, community health, and care homes” with all inspections based upon those KLOEs:

1. Are service users safe from abuse and harm?

2. Is the care delivered effective? Does it lead to good outcomes?

3. Are staff caring and compassionate towards those in their care?

4. Are services responsive to the needs of service users?

5. Is the organisation well-led? Are there effective governance arrangements in place?

Although you need to get the best possible result in all five areas, you may feel you have two stronger areas so build on those strengths. Understand why you are strong in these areas which’ll make it easier to concentrate your efforts making sure you make a real impact with staff rather than spreading yourselves too thinly.

So, today, tomorrow and the day after, the staff at Rusthall Lodge will be doing what they do best - engaging the residents, caring for them with dignity, respect and compassion and delivering a service with or without the rating, is outstanding!

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Written on 23rd May 2019

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