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Hand Painted Welcome

As part of the refurbishment programme at Rusthall Lodge, we were delighted to invite Louise Sabine-Dean (The Creative Decorator) to paint a mural on a feature wall in our reception area.

Admiring the simplicity and purity of Scandanavian style whilst relishing the opulence and richness of Chinoiserie, Louise has worked to develop her own mural style and identity. She works around a core set of natural themes that consist of birds, trees, blossom and flowers; the perfect combination for us as we wanted to bring some of the aspects of our garden in to the Home.

There is no question that mural painting is a wonderful way to decorate as there are no restrictions on where you paint; over the ceiling, around the window, curling around a bannister. You're only ever limited by your own imagination.

The mural is a real talking point for residents, visitors and staff alike. The colours and tranquility of the scene really fit with what we wanted to achieve in the Home.

If you'd like to read Louise's BLOG on this project, please 'click' below:

Written on 25th April 2017

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