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From the Heart!

“It’s not abnormal to feel grief when a client or resident dies” was a bold but true statement given in an interview with Marie-Anne Schull, from palliative care provider Karuna back in 2016.

At the time, Karuna had carried out a survey of 100 nurses that revealed nearly 70 per cent felt that the grief and loss they experience was an issue for them at work.

Here at Rusthall Lodge we want the wellbeing and wellness of our staff to be a central factor in our working day along with the person-centred care we provide our residents, but we know looking after every member of staff can be difficult when shifts are busy. However, we like to think that as well as a dedicated team of employees, we have a resilient team; each of whom have their own coping strategies, but we cannot ignore the fact that grief is an every day part of a caring role.

“Healthcare and nursing home staff form significant relationships with their clients, patients and residents so it is not surprising they can experience grief and loss as a result of their work,” comments Bill Blackford, Operations Manager for the Home. We need to always be aware of our staff when a resident passes away and put in place as much help and advice as we can. After all, we’re all human.

One enabling aspect of our approach to the wellness of our staff following a 'departure' is that we ensure someone is always present at the funeral of a resident who has passed away; giving our staff the opportunity to pay their last respects to someone who has been an integral part of their working life. But at this time of great sadness, it never ceases to amaze us how the care staff remain in the thoughts of the families who very often go above and beyond to show their gratitude to the people who have worked tirelessly to care for their loved one.

Recently, one of our residents passed away having lived with us for ten years; a long time. We received a beautiful hamper from the family with delicious food stuffs in it that will be distributed to the night and day staff who cared for this resident. Gifts aren't expected which means that when they do come along, they are gratefully received and seen as a very warm 'thank you' which is always appreciated by the staff.

Caring for residents is a vocation that not many people can do and as we've said in previous posts, you can be given all the tools, read the books and receive the very best training but if care isn't in your heart - you're in the wrong job.

If you would like to consider a career in care, contact our HR Manager or take a look at our vacancies because you could really make a difference to someone's life.

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Written on 23rd May 2019

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