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Finding the right care home for you

Finding the care home with the community feel for you or a loved one

When looking around care homes, choosing the place with the best care standards and facilities are important to ensure you are looked after physically. But the community feel of a care home is important because it affects your mental health; you want to feel welcome and you want things to do that you’ll enjoy, so it’s important to ask the right questions so that you choose the place that’s best for you.

Previously, we’ve written about questions to ask about the standards of care and the facilities on offer at care homes when you're looking round them. We've even made our own checklist available to you for download. But the level of care and adequacy of the facilities are only part of the solution that care homes aim to offer; they also need to give you activities and provide the right company for you to keep your mind and body active so that your physical and mental health are kept as high as possible.

Amongst the many activities on offer at Rusthall Lodge, we regularly have a passive workout for our residents. Guided by local physical fitness trainer Kirsty Bartholomew, our residents exercise in the comfort of their own chairs.

If you’re thinking about moving into a care home – or are looking for somewhere for a loved one – it’s important to understand the general ethos of the home and find out if the activities you enjoy are on offer.  Our questions will help you get the answers you need to choose the care home that is right for you – or mum or dad.

Questions to ask about the community

  1. How often does the care home put activities on and what sort of activities are available?

  2. Is there a dedicated member of staff who runs activities?

  3. What are the entertainment facilities?

  4. Can resident easily access a television, a computer or books?

  5. Are there gardens and are they easily accessed? Are residents encouraged to explore them?

  6. How can relatives and loved ones get in touch with residents? Are there telephones available?

  7. What are the visiting hours?

  8. How welcoming are staff to visitors?

  9. What do existing residents like and dislike about the home? Talking to the current residents will give you a really good feel for the home.

  10. If you want to take a pet into the home with you, will this be possible?

When looking for a care home, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about making sure your care needs are met – you also need to think about your contentment and your enjoyment. That’s why its important to ask about the community feel of the care home and what they do to make sure you are enjoying yourself.

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Written on 28th March 2019

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