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Beat Out That Drum!

As part of Rusthall Lodge's 50th Anniversary, resident Vera L. enjoyed her first drumming lesson in 96-years and judging by the photographs, she thoroughly enjoyed it! The Lodge has a number of events planned through the year to celebrate its Anniversary of providing care, support and reassurance as a stand-alone Home; an achievement they are very proud of.

The 'Golden Moments' are occasions when residents are able to do something they have always wanted to do but have never had the opportunity to do. During a reminiscence session at the Lodge, Vera had commented that since a child she had always wanted to play the drums but back then her parents had said drums were too loud!

So, all these years later, Jon Baltrop from local band 'The Heartbeats' had agreed to give Vera her first lesson and found her to be an '...absolute natural'. The morning was also enjoyed by residents and staff who joined in singing as Vera beat out a rythmn to songs they all knew. The pace varied of course but the sheer joy was clear to see on everyone's faces.

All in all, the first of Rusthall Lodge's 'Golden Moments' was a great success and we're already looking forward to our next surprise in April.

Moving in to a care home can be a very difficult decision for everyone involved. There are also people who feel this is the beginning of the end when in reality, the move can be such a positive one. The provision of meaningful activities remains a crucial factor in any care home so at Rusthall Lodge, we like to try different things to ensure our residents remain motivated, stay as independent as they can be and continue to enjoy life!

Written on 27th March 2018

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